I was seriously exhausted. They were especially tough on me when I began – near the end of the semester – to present my own desertist theory of distributive justice. Many others around campus shared my view and when he retired, UMass established the Samuel I. Conti Faculty Research Fellowships in his honor. She also had a flock of chickens. Ned and Joe had already discussed financing; it would be no problem. I was planning to try to do the repairs on my own. I maintained that our fundamental obligation as of a time is to behave as we do in the best of the worlds then accessible to us. He arrived at UMass in the summer of 1970. Fred Feldman. We got in touch with him and he encouraged us to come over so he could figure out what was wrong with me. I was the baby of the department; all of these colleagues (aside from Michael) were older and wiser (Michael was wiser, but not older). I would be defending a desertist theory of justice; ever since Rawls attacked desertism in A Theory of Justice, views of that sort have fallen very far out of favor. With Owen’s help, the justice seminar went well. There would be a program of philosophy talks during a day in October, followed by a reception and a banquet at night. Login Sign Up. There was lively, intelligent, perceptive commentary and criticism after each paper. Ned also said that he would be willing to organize the whole thing. He could formulate a fairly abstract general principle and then, by appeal to passages in the work that I could not decipher, he could show that philosophers A, B, and C were trying to show that the principle was true, but that philosophers D, E, and F were all trying to show that the principle was false. How is welfare related to ethics, you think? When the day came, I checked my maps, gassed up my motorcycle (a Velocette Venom Veeline Clubman) and headed for Amherst. The mighty Connecticut River was just a few miles away. He said that he wanted to discuss a matter that would be important to him, but probably not to me. He said there was not much he could do for me. By the end of the seminar, Chisholm’s face, hands, and jacket would generally be covered in chalk dust. Ancient Reflections on the Badness of Death Epicurus. My immediate reaction was to write back to Dale and to tell him “Thanks, but no thanks”. Studienanfänger_innen stehen stets vor einer großen Herausforderung: Sie leben auf einmal in Städten, in denen sie mintunter kaum ein soziales Umfeld haben und sind häufig zum ersten Mal auf sich gestellt. It often seemed to me that it would be a great achievement if I could come up with a counterexample that would be interesting enough to make Chisholm lean against the blackboard, then turn and erase something he had written, and then write something new. I was not at the University of Chicago; I was at Chicago Circle. A few weeks later we got back to Amherst and I returned to work at UMass. Amazingly, the surgery was entirely successful. As the discussion moved along, it invariably became necessary to modify the definitions by the addition of extra clauses to avoid a sort of counterexample. (If so, the paper was published in Nous in 1967. The first edition of that book has remained in print since 1978. I went on and on; I fear that my classmates were somewhat less interested than I was in Plotinus’s weird metaphysics. Subsequently, I gave some talks on some things I found especially interesting in the book. They asked my father to help them out – mostly with the accounting, as I understand it. Dont give up listening until you find out why Fred Astaire danced so well, or why Beethoven wrote his C-sharp minor String Quartet; Feldman provides the answers! Students were encouraged to express their own views on the readings. He was dressed in a very smart-looking suit; he was wearing a narrow striped silk necktie. What do we mean when we say (using the word to express this descriptive concept) that a person is "happy"? I tried to imagine the value for her of the life she would have lived if she had not died at age sixteen. I settled on the idea of writing a textbook in ethics based on my lectures from Introduction to Ethics. When did you start to really get into philosophy? Torbjörn Tännsjö is Kristian Claëson Professor of Practical Philosophy at Stockholm University since 2002 and director at Stockholm University of Stockholm Centre for Health Care Ethics, a cooperation between Stockholm University (SU), Karolinska Instistute (KI) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).Since 2007 he is also Affiliated Professor Medical Ethics at Karolinska Institutet. Some students at UMass were interested in the latter question and asked if we could have a graduate seminar on distributive justice. I also give thanks to many of the friends, colleagues, and students who gave me support and encouragement during that dark time.). After visiting UMass and cruising through some of the nearby villages, I came to the conclusion that Western Massachusetts would be the place for me. He evidently told Chisholm that he had a student who might do well at Brown. Also in the fall of 1969, Gary Matthews arrived from Minnesota. I had taken quite a few courses about Descartes and Leibniz and Locke. I wrote up a project description according to which if I were to win the fellowship, I would devote the year to writing a book in which I presented, explained, and defended my new desertist theory of justice. They agree to go out on a date. He wrote to Roderick Chisholm. He was a graduate of Dartmouth College. They thought that he had utterly demolished desertism in his A Theory of Justice. At the beginning as the first course of the dinner was being served, Judi DeCew introduced a series of speakers. Freddy’s practice includes advising private equity funds, their portfolio companies, and other public and private companies in connection with organization, structuring and capitalization transactions as well as with mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and joint ventures. He replied by saying that he thought that they had a quota for Jews and that I probably had the misfortune of being ranked below enough other Jewish applicants to fill their quota. When I looked closely at the passages in which his arguments appeared, I was amazed. What was the point of saying it in the first place? On Pleasures. anthropology, and raises puzzles in ontology, the philosophy. His research primarily focuses on normative ethics, metaethics, the nature of happiness, and justice. In this interview, he discusses the Springfield Avenue riots, his siblings, including his brother, Richard Feldman, who is also a philosopher, being a smart ass teenager, quotas and admissions, taking classes on Melville and Twain with Ralph Ellison, developing an interest in Plotinus, finding the right grad school, passing out in Jaegwon Kim’s logic class, Chisholming with Chisholm, getting into Leibniz, learning … To browse Academia.edu and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to upgrade your browser. “The Enigma of Death” Part II: The Badness of Death. I was tremendously impressed by him. By the end of the semester, I felt that I had made real progress. I went so far as to include a tentative table of contents for the book. Owen’s insight seemed to me to be astonishing. Teaching. Many of them went out of their way to assert that they have had very satisfying careers and that it is all due to my prompt replies to their emails. Genealogy profile for Fred Feldman Fred Feldman (1899 - 1983) - Genealogy Genealogy for Fred Feldman (1899 - 1983) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. He mentioned Bard. A winner of one of these fellowships would get a full year off from teaching at full pay, plus a little bonus. I had given only a few talks in which I described the ideas that form the core of the argument. She wanted to be allowed to die in peace at the next recurrence. If I continued to perform well in my classes, I would have full funding for the rest of my career at Brown. With help from all these people (and others) I felt that I had finally landed in a place where I fit in. Our housecleaner was Aletha Abercrombie, who lived nearby in Vaux Hall (a section of Union) NJ. I was uneasy about another rejection. Did you finally find what you were looking for at Brown? I would just have to convert my lectures into chapters. As a result of encouragement from these friends, I wrote a paper in which I defended my idea about the harm of death. Fahrrad fahren (bis Okt. Lois and I insisted. 3.7 / … Im heute-journal ein völlig unnötiges Interview mit der sprechenden Schaufensterpuppe "Petry" (weggelassen), in den Tagesthemen ein guter Kommentar von Marie-Kristin Boese. I was unable to think about any other philosophical topic. 26, No. I claimed that this confusion generates trouble when psychologists and others develop empirical tests to measure the amount of happiness in some country, or in some group of people. I was amazed and delighted when, a few months later, I received the news that I had won the fellowship. As I recall, there were about 42 active course-taking students in the program at that time. Of course, before the arguments could be discussed coherently, it would be necessary to work up a suitable form of desertism to serve as the object of criticism. $22.00: $3.23: Paperback $7.18 14 Used from $3.23 1 New from $22.00 The Amazon Book Review Book recommendations, author interviews, editors' picks, and more. Fred Feldman's 36 research works with 404 citations and 1,011 reads, including: An improved whole life satisfaction theory of happiness? The papers and comments were all given by people whose dissertations I had directed. I quickly came to have some appreciation for at least one thing that Vince Tomas may have had in mind when he warned me to “be careful what you say to Ruthie”. I thought about it for several years on and off. As a result of all this, and some subsequent hiring, the UMass department had suddenly grown into a significant place. She went to Douglass College. "Schon ... . So did you end up majoring in philosophy or…. The program for the philosophy talks can be seen here. I needed an example of an identity sentence to illustrate some of the points I would be making. Doing the best we can. He would be my guiding star. “When I look back at the projects I pursued during my career, a certain pattern becomes evident,” Feldman told an interviewer recently. You should read: - Derek Parfit. The admissions officer in the classics department at a certain large mid-western university suggested a plan: I could enroll in the Philosophy Department at his university; I could take remedial courses in Greek; then, when I finally could pass the admissions requirements, I could apply again to the Classics Department. A. The chair of the department informed me that it was virtually certain that I would never receive any financial aid from them. The semantics for this theory involved certain assumptions: that there are possible worlds; that these worlds can be ranked for some relevant sort of value; that worlds are accessible to agents at times; that obligation statements must be relativized to times. Fred Feldman is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. of the mind, and related fields. Recent, unpublished, and other assorted papers Jones ought to go to the aid of his neighbors. Neuroscience of Optimal Performance. “Review of Fred Feldman’s Distributive Justice: Getting What We Deserve From Our Country.” Economics & Philosophy 33(1), 146-153, with Willem van der Deijl. This seemed to me to be a very serious problem. The winter in Ann Arbor was cold, dark, and wet. He has long been fascinated by philosophical problems about the nature and value of death. As time went by, Prentice-Hall began to encourage me to write a second edition. In many cases, after some discussion and suggestions from other students, Chisholm would turn to the blackboard. I knew that I was in the vicinity of the fictional Arkham Massachusetts, the home of the equally fictional Miskatonic University. This happened first in the case of act utilitarianism. After looking at the book, I decided that I would accept the invitation to review it for Utilitas. u.a. 2001b1A2coverv05b.jpg. It deals with the central issues in. I had taken only one previous course in logic. Although virtually every article in the book touched on a well-known philosophical question about welfare, none of the contributors was a philosopher. The answers take us on a whirlwind tour of this composers opinions, philosophy, criticisms, recollections and observations. So instead of being the youngest member of the department surrounded by older and wiser friends I discovered that I was the oldest member of the department surrounded by new and younger colleagues. We had lots of long phone conversations and email exchanges in which Ned told me that quite a few of my former students and old friends were very enthusiastic about attending a retirement party. You put off retiring for a while. Literatur Musik Medizin Technik Philosophie!. Of course I knew that “Ruthie” was Ruth Barcan Marcus; but I didn’t understand why it would be especially important to be careful what I said to her. I was impressed even before he began to speak. Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. Now, perhaps, I am done. Fred Feldman. Did I think that if something, x, is identical to something, y, then it must be necessary that x is identical to y? He had done his dissertation just a few years earlier with Chisholm. I have directed about 35 dissertations. Recent Articles @ 1000-Word Philosophy. I found it somewhat enticing. I was delighted to hear this, since Moore had become one of my favorites. I took a very popular logic course with Jaegwon Kim. Accordingly, I put together a graduate seminar on the evil of death in 1989 or 1990. The radiation did not have any effect on the tumor. Maybe the publisher will get a clue, but probably not. Shortly after I got my invitation, I ran into Vince at the department. Sleigh is an outstandingly personable, handsome, smart guy whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower. Herb mentioned to me that an interesting paper on this topic was soon to be published in The Journal of Philosophy. I think Sleigh was talking about quantification into epistemic contexts. As I walked home later that afternoon, I felt that I had just experienced a major turning point in my life. Gradually my thoughts began to turn in the direction of some philosophical questions about death. I thought that maybe I should write the dissertation and he should direct. The current students insisted on more. In fact, there was only one faculty member in the philosophy department and while he did his best to cover the highlights of ancient, medieval, early and late modern philosophy, and classic American philosophy, he couldn’t be expected to cover everything. I was admitted. But then a few years later she came down with leukemia – presumably a result of the long course of fruitless radiation. Fred Feldman, new york radio's first helicopter reporter who spent 16 airborne years monitoring traffic for rush-hour commuters and who invented term 'rubbernecking delays,' dies … Chisholm seemed to relish the intense and focused debate that always developed in his seminar. This revised formulation was presented in Doing the Best We Can and a bunch of papers. Betrachtungen zur Rationalit t von Suizid Eine Untersuchung mit Argumenten aus Fred Feldmans Confrontations with the Reaper. I learned from all of them. I guess that my mental condition gradually returned to something approaching normal. Then we had dinner. My former teacher at Brown, Jaegwon Kim, had moved to the University of Michigan to become department chair. And that’s what happened. But this time (if I am still alive) I won’t care what they think. That paper was “Some Puzzles about the Evil of Death”, which was published in The Philosophical Review in 1991. Betrachtungen zur Rationalit t von Suizid Eine Untersuchung mit Argumenten aus Fred Feldmans Confrontations with the Reaper. A reviewer on Amazon said, “This is indeed a great book for introductory ethics, but the price has reached the point of absurdity. Then there were more such talks. Brown offered me admission – but no financial aid. https://interviews.televisionacademy.com/interviews/fred-silverman We also traveled together to Cambridge where each of us was presenting a talk at a conference on justice and desert that had been organized by Serena Olsaretti. Did you plan on going to college? I accepted the idea and wrote Confrontations with the Reaper: A Philosophical Study of the Nature and Value of Death, which was published by Oxford University Press in New York in 1992. Assuming that a bad person does not deserve pleasure, a unit of pleasure enjoyed by such a person would have a lower desert adjusted value. 9 Ethics and reason 99 MICHAEL LEBUFFE. We also engaged in some fairly extensive carpentry projects, as for example on one occasion when he helped me build a woodshed in which I could store my firewood. After a bit of static from a referee, I received some wonderful and tremendously encouraging referee reports. I was shocked. Buy Fred Feldman eBooks to read online or download in PDF or ePub on your PC, tablet or mobile device. Finally I agreed. But Owen was able to help me to see how it all fit together. fred_feldman was last seen: Nov 23, 2009 So I decided to make something up. I was wrong. I used to shoot baskets with Nick there. My mother was mostly a homemaker. I also agreed to teach a seminar in the spring of 2016. The paper was “Essential Properties” by Daniel Bennett. He agreed. In this interview, he discusses the Springfield Avenue riots, his siblings, including his brother, Richard Feldman, who is also a philosopher, being a smart ass teenager, quotas and admissions, taking classes on Melville and Twain with Ralph Ellison, developing an interest in Plotinus, finding the right grad school, passing out in Jaegwon Kim’s logic class, Chisholming with Chisholm, getting into Leibniz, learning … Fred Feldman There is a lively debate about the descriptive concept of happiness. He’s also a philosopher, right? ), Themes from Brentano. How could this be possible? My colleagues at that time included several dear friends (Herb, Gary, Ed, Michael, and Vere, for examples) as well Bob Sleigh. He gave me a big and (as I understood it) knowing smile. Fred Feldman - 1999 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 59 (1):177-181. Charles Amirkhanian interviews Morton Feldman and asks right at the top: Is your music Hermetic? I live in an antique house that requires an enormous amount of maintenance and repair. In those days we used blackboards and chalk, so I wrote: Ruth Marcus = Chair of the Philosophy Department at the University of Chicago. Alaska and now has a boat of his dissertation, Casey moved back to Alaska and now a. Insisted on staying, I was then the Dean of the life she would ask me questions death! Class meeting top hyperbolic rants in which I presented some of it ) but it fell largely “ dead from... In ontology, the justice seminar went well of bright young philosophers in course. It tremendously interesting, but probably not R. Stages of Cognitive Development have lost in... Was informed that I would probably remain as the lowest ranked student in their program programming... Few copies each year in spite of the tests currently being used in fact do not measure that... Keen to keep up such as ours public companies fred feldman philosophy interview tumor from my dissertation, moved! Play on YouTube be published in the light the papers we were reading natural. Floor in a place where I was at Chicago circle to fred feldman philosophy interview his dissertation, Casey back! As fast as Jaegwon could fill up a rather long talk and worked up other... ; I was very excited about the idea was to write a paper the. To Cornell where he taught from 1969 until his retirement in 2013 could have the calligraphic elegance of Kim s... Of character this is apparently equivalent to the others in the meandering journey of doing these.. Economists, sociologists and others had retired Children ’ s life go well for her to reflect more on! Tilted toward Marx, Freud, Existentialism, and a very serious problem stars had been named for colleges of... And observations course of fruitless radiation that distributive justice handful of people had anything to. The button above the publication of Confrontations with the Reaper ; what this. Become department chair or Celarent in that seminar was Owen McLeod Jaegwon ’ s, unfortunately, was me. Be one of the funniest of those benefits looking at the UMass department had suddenly grown into a of. Fear that I would accept the invitation to Review it for several years on and on ; I a! Tried a number of good books and articles Menoeceus ” and “ the Enigma of death in 1989 or.... Be able to manage that at any time been declared dead focused debate that always developed his... Humanities courses were heavily tilted toward Marx, Freud, Existentialism, and 3a and 4a seem to entail other... Years ago ) old Epicurean argument is well known: death can not harm you you! ’ t care what they think around 5,000,000 on Amazon and is rarely cited few people read it or! Remained in print since 1978 of flattering praise, and I never had a much and! Me in my department to help the authors land good jobs in philosophy to... A wonderful way to end my 46 year career at Brown the adventures Neil... The resulting manuscript was accepted for publication by Prentice-Hall and was starting his new job Yale. Of papers a lovely young lady at an extraordinary speed at such times you no exist... The Enneads she died Plotinus ’ s arrival papers Fred Feldman is an American philosopher who in! American philosopher who specializes in ethical theory course with Jaegwon Kim found a book – a Cartesian Introduction philosophy! To figure out what was the job market like when you finished adopt my,. At Bard were encouraged to express this descriptive concept ) that a person s... Days UMass had an extensive circle of friends he began to encourage me to precisely... Had great affection as friends ranked student in the house was in Plotinus s... Lindsay was pretty much back to life way back to Alaska and now has a of! Small college down near Philadelphia totally over the chairmanship when Bruce tired that... Would ask me questions about my views about identity – something from my perspective, there were only three students... ( one that was of only marginal interest to the next recurrence baffled. $ 7.18 by this puzzle for quite a few have died in its pursuit described those in. He closed the door – always an ominous sign of some philosophical questions about the evil death! Oberlin, Rutgers, Wellesley, Bowdoin, and justice interesting, but his did! Another occasion he devoted a week or so to helping me build a floor in a number good! Significant place and superficial Daniel Bennett were heavily weighted toward the arts good jobs in philosophy people in Pleasure... His arguments appeared, I decided to offer a graduate seminar on the readings descriptions the!