Only 12% of Americans are metabolically healthy. Yet over 60% of the US has diabetes or pre-diabetes. “‘Steak is for men’. Association between vegetarian diet and menstrual problems in young women: a case presentation and brief review, Dieting influences the menstrual cycle: vegetarian versus nonvegetarian diet, Food intake diet and sperm characteristics in a blue zone: a Loma Linda Study, Vegan–vegetarian diets in pregnancy: danger or panacea? Several epidemiological — i.e. The Game Changers uses one fight that Conor McGregor, a big meat-eater, lost against Nate Diaz, a vegetarian/vegan, as an argument to show that vegetarians have superior strength and energy levels as compared to meat-eaters. What’s more, many of the athletes featured didn’t start out on a vegan diet. Protein is Protein, Regardless of the Source. The producer of smash hit documentary The Game Changers has debunked some of the criticisms of his film.. James Wilks, who wrote and produced the movie with Joseph Pace, tackled various comments about the film – which is directed by Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos and executive produced by Oscar-winner James Cameron – during an exclusive interview with Plant Based News … This may be due to the differences in leucine content. The hypothesis is that these phytochemicals in plants can actually strengthen your immune system as it is mobilized to fight off the chemicals . Things like. How do you think farmers defend crops for the green smoothies, salad and avocado toast? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. He’s been convinced that veganism is a noble cause to improve health and the environment. Even though it may be possible for some athletes to thrive on a plant-based diet, extensive research and my own clinical experience suggest that a vegan diet is not optimal for most people. And if you doubt the power of meat, rewatch the recent McGregor fight where he took out the Cowboy Cerrone in 45 seconds. All rights reserved. Achieving optimal essential fatty acid status in vegetarians: current knowledge and practical implications, Long-chain conversion of [13C]linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid in response to marked changes in their dietary intake in men, Beta-carotene conversion to vitamin A decreases as the dietary dose increases in humans, The challenge to reach nutritional adequacy for vitamin A: β-carotene bioavailability and conversion–evidence in humans, Effects of beetroot juice supplementation on intermittent high-intensity exercise efforts, United States – Women’s 400 Meters Rankings, Cam Newton has likely played his last game for Panthers, How Cam Newton’s vegan diet may be hurting Panthers QB’s play and injury recovery, Orlando Pride’s Alex Morgan Out for Remainder of NWSL Season With Knee Injury, Texans’ Foster not afraid to cheat on vegan diet, Hey, Arian Foster—Where’s the Beef? And most livestock feed is not grown specifically for livestock—it is a byproduct of food overproduction processes. Tens of thousands of carnivores have reversed recalcitrant health issues with a meat based diet. However, Dr Tom Little, the Head of Performance at Preston North End and a nutrition expert, says the science in the film is a mix of the good, the bad and the downright ugly. These bags have everything you like about dual sided bags but solve all of the problems that stick side bag players run into! The Game Changers documentary states (paraphrased): Vitamin B12 isn’t made by animals, but by bacteria that animals consume in the soil and water. Beef Checkoff. One of the most pervasive claims of vegan advocates is that eating meat destroys the environment. Whereas monocrop agriculture decimates soil. Chronic diseases damage the environment more than any way of eating. Wrong: The Research on the Benefits of Non-Meat Diets Is Vast and Well-Established. There are now over 40 studies (RCTs) that debunk claims that red meat causes disease . Yes, animal based agriculture produces 4% of greenhouse grasses. According to the Game Changers, meat causes disease and vegetables are the only way to cure it. Do low-carbon-emission diets lead to higher nutritional quality and positive health outcomes? Some other evidence that animal products made us human include: Game Changers is not alone is pushing the notion that meat causes disease. Hell yes. But after a while, you see a significant decline in performance and well-being. He used the carnivore diet to cure IBS, rheumatoid arthritis and his acne. Lastly, this study even showed that vegetarians LOST muscle mass when working out . And no, beef isn’t sucking up the entire world’s water supply. The Game Changers is profit driven propaganda. It turns out that a plant from a grocery store is less vegan than a local grass fed cow. Dietary iron intake and iron status of German female vegans: results of the German vegan study, Nutrient intake and iron status of Australian male vegetarians, Bioavailability of iron, zinc, and other trace minerals from vegetarian diets, Nutrient intake and haematological status of vegetarians and age-sex matched omnivores, Growth, development, and physical fitness of Flemish vegetarian children, adolescents, and young adults, Effects of an omnivorous diet compared with a lactoovovegetarian diet on resistance-training-induced changes in body composition and skeletal muscle in older men, Meat supplementation improves growth, cognitive, and behavioral outcomes in Kenyan children, Physical fitness, anthropometric and metabolic parameters in vegetarian athletes, A Comparison of a Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Diet in Indian Female Athletes in Relation to Exercise Performance, Robert Oberst VS. Patrik Baboumian – What I eat in a Day, Veganism, vegetarianism, bone mineral density, and fracture risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis. I will not mince my words. While carbs are a great source of energy for explosive, glycolytic activities, in endurance sports, fat can be burned as the primary fuel source. Game Changers Debunked. They claim that a plant-based diet is optimal, especially for athletic performance, while animal products are harmful to health. This means converting cropland used for livestock to grassland and allowing livestock to graze there. Yes, this is plausible. astrological — studies have shown that high intakes of fruits and vegetables are associated with lower oxidation and cancer rates. his study even showed that vegetarians LOST muscle mass when working out . Just because some of the athletes in The Game Changers excel on a vegan diet, that doesn’t mean that everyone will. An overview in health and disease, Plasma concentrations and intakes of amino acids in male meat-eaters, fish-eaters, vegetarians and vegans: a cross-sectional analysis in the EPIC-Oxford cohort, Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 status of vegetarians, Effect of vegetarian diets on bone mineral density: a Bayesian meta-analysis, EPIC-Oxford: lifestyle characteristics and nutrient intakes in a cohort of 33 883 meat-eaters and 31 546 non meat-eaters in the UK, Nutrient intakes and eating behavior scores of vegetarian and nonvegetarian women, Dietary Reference Intakes for Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Arsenic, Boron, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Silicon, Vanadium, and Zinc, Effect of vegetarian diets on zinc status: a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies in humans. Skyrocketing chronic disease. FoodData Central: Beef, top sirloin, steak, separable lean only, trimmed to 1/8″ fat, choice, raw, FoodData Central: Lentils, mature seeds, cooked, boiled, without salt, FoodData Central: Chickpeas, dry, cooked, fat not added in cooking, In Search For The Highest Quality Protein (And The Issues It Causes For Diet Guidelines), Effect of creatine and weight training on muscle creatine and performance in vegetarians, Normal reference values for creatine, creatinine, and carnitine are lower in vegetarians, Effect of creatine supplementation and a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet on muscle creatine concentration, Vegan diets: practical advice for athletes and exercisers, Taurine concentrations in the diet, plasma, urine and breast milk of vegans compared with omnivores, Taurine: a conditionally essential amino acid in humans? Athletes in general need more protein than the recommended dietary allowance (RDA), and the amount they need will depend on the type of sport they’re involved in, as well as their health status, age, sex, and more. Now insulin resistance and chronic disease is plaguing the world. But there are far too many confounders to attribute the outcome solely to diet. Another claim made in the film is that recent research exonerating cholesterol, saturated fat, and red meat is tainted because it’s funded by the meat, egg, and dairy industry. If an athlete was subsisting on a junk food diet of Popeyes and KFC, it makes sense that they may feel better on a higher quality diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables in place of fried, processed, and refined foods. These bags will change your game! The Game Changers claims that feeding cows is an inefficient use of food because we could just eat it instead. What’s more, plant proteins are missing a number of important nutrients athletes need, like vitamin B12, iron, creatine, calcium, and many, many more. In fact, one of the biggest studies trying to confirm Keys’ hypothesis showed the opposite. (Although not all of us were blessed with this adaptation…), Between 6 million and 2.5 million years ago, our brain size was fairly consistent. The Game Changers is littered with footage of men exerting their strength. According to Arnold, “There’s no one that can relate to it better than I do because I’ve lived in that world,” the seven-time Mr. Olympia champion says. The idea behind this claim … Like most people, they’ve been led to believe that vegetables and health are synonymous. Beef Liver Nutrition (+8 Nutrients You Need), Are Humans Carnivores? But it’s not just by the meat, egg, and dairy industry—the Big Food lobby that supports processed and refined foods like sugar and industrial seed oils is far larger. Our hominid ancestors have been eating meat for at least 2.5 million years. There are many non-dietary factors influence athletic performance, including genetics, epigenetics, stress, sleep, work ethic, talent, coaching, etc. Chronic disease that supports the entire pharmaceutical industry. Not since What the Health has a documentary piece of Vegan propaganda made such a splash. If you’re reading a research study, you probably like to take a look at who funded it first. They’re dying because they are eating processed junk and plant foods (remember, wheat and carbohydrates are plants). Going Vegan in the NFL, Why RB David Johnson Lost a Scary Amount of Weight After Going Vegan, These 19 elite athletes are vegan — here’s what made them switch their diet, Nutritional Support for Exercise-Induced Injuries, International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: protein and exercise, Anti-Inflammatory Effects and Joint Protection in Collagen-Induced Arthritis after Treatment with IQ-1S, a Selective c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase Inhibitor, 24-Week study on the use of collagen hydrolysate as a dietary supplement in athletes with activity-related joint pain, Effects of whey and fortified collagen hydrolysate protein supplements on nitrogen balance and body composition in older women, Localization of type I and III collagen and fibronectin production in injured gastrocnemius muscle, How nutrition and exercise maintain the human musculoskeletal mass, Acute energy deprivation affects skeletal muscle protein synthesis and associated intracellular signaling proteins in physically active adults, Reduced resting skeletal muscle protein synthesis is rescued by resistance exercise and protein ingestion following short-term energy deficit. Plant foods require a large colon to ferment and digest fiber into energy. The Protein-Leverage Hypothesis: Do We Keep Eating Until We Get Enough Protein? Disclaimer. In fact, our vegan ancestors are still in the trees throwing poop at each other. Red meat, for example, has been perceived as unhealthy for so long that people who eat more of it are also more likely to engage in unhealthy habits, like smoking, being physically inactive, and eating fewer fruits and vegetables. At its core, it’s a corrupt assault on masculinity. Plant Protein is As Effective for Building Muscle as Animal Protein. Enter your email to become part of the Chris Kresser community and get information like this delivered straight to your inbox. Animal proteins have better bioavailability than plant proteins, meaning your body is better able to digest and absorb them. The Game Changers is littered … Cows transform human inedible, fibrous plants into highly nutritious protein dense food for humans. Carnivore Aurelius. Top10Keto In films, particularly documentary films, a commonly observed phenomenon is known as documentary bias. 88% of American’s are metabolically unhealthy. It is not a scientific piece, do not treat it as such. The Game Changers relies on propaganda, sloppy or misleading science, and a lack of context to support its core argument, but I would like to set the record straight. This is wrong and only making things worse. Plant based agriculture generates 5% of greenhouse gasses . He proves this by showing us some silly ‘findings’ of dietary research of the same quality Game Changers uses in this section. In this documentary the benefits of eating plant-based foods are highlighted as well as the dangers of eating meat. All in all, billions of animals die for the vegan lifestyle. Did James Wilks Get Anything Right Against Chris Kresser? What is the optimal diet for athletes? Because an animal with big, cute eyes isn’t killed, many assume that it’s more ethical. That’s like going to school, working your butt off and getting dumber…. Here is why the documenary is not that trustworthy. These two studies below confirm that vegetables have no antioxidant benefit. So, going into the debate, I’d hoped that it would be more about the science underpinning the film. Are you going to be hungry? Arnold and crew in the Game Changers make the claim that you’ve been manipulated into thinking meat is manly. But the second order consequences are hard for most people to grasp. For instance, you would have to eat almost one-third of a cup of peanut butter to equal the protein in 3 oz of beef or three eggs; stories about gladiators’ diets ignore important details like the fact that they were being fed the cheapest possible slave diet and had a life expectancy of about two years; and it isn’t easy to consume the amount of amino acids you need for strength and muscle mass when you’re eating only plants—unless you include ultra-processed protein powders in your diet. The most important animals in the world. [*]. The Game Changers Debate with James Wilks. Why Schwarzenegger’s “Game Changers” documentary is dangerous. Read on. It could not be used for crop production. For some reason, however, when it comes to the entertainment industry, we don’t always pay as much attention to where the money is coming from. Vegetarianism and menstrual cycle disturbances: is there an association? Poor pseudoscience convinced you that you’re as good as dead if you eat red meat. At first meat was bad because it caused heart disease. Game Changers claims that humans adapted to eat vegetables. We can’t forget that humans are animals too. “Cow farts are destroying the environment.” “Animal based diets will boil the oceans.” This is nonsense. That was my focus in the debunking episode that I did with Joe a week before the debate, becauseI think there were many misleading and disingenuous, if not outright false, claims in the film. The pharmaceutical industry damages the environment more than all agriculture and as we’ve seen from many carnivore diet anecdotes, diets high in protein can erase chronic disease. Lastly, this study found that organ meat intake was associated with a 52% higher sperm count, even amongst red meat-eaters. Over the weekend, I spoke to … Eating a nutrient-dense, ancestral diet based on whole foods is not the same as eating an ultra-processed standard American diet. This is because they need a tremendous amount of land to produce protein. A naive assumption of the vegan diet is that it saves the world from animal cruelty. Ruminant agriculture is pivotal for the future of the human race. Erection sleep study – Source: The Game Changers . Easy to control on the stick side but also easy to push! It’s complete propaganda masquerading as science. The titanic sum of animals killed to preserve a nutrient deficient, vegan lifestyle is gruesome. These are significant. Our soils are rapidly deteriorating due to erosion, nutrient depletion, and loss of organic carbon. First, the soil tilling process is like a tsunami, destroying all life in its path. Most of the water is from rainfall. Branched-chain amino acids and muscle protein synthesis in humans: myth or reality? But it’s full of misleading statements, half-truths, flat-out falsehoods, flawed logic, and absurdities. But what might have happened if they switched to a “nutrivore” diet with plenty of nutrient-dense animal and plant foods? Does the American Cancer Society Promote Meat? The last core tenet of veganism is that eating meat is unethical. They are toxins that POISON the predators that eat them. All rights reserved. While I do agree with plant-based diet advocates that our current concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) system for producing beef and other animal foods is problematic, where we disagree is on the solution. Even Nate Diaz, for instance, said he eats eggs and seafood. They still claim that red meat will kill you — a claim faker than beyond meat. Add the oil to the bowl. Your email is safe with me. This is a perfect choice currently available in … Additionally, your body produces more POTENT antioxidants than anything you can find in food. © 2020 Chris Kresser. Things like lectins, saponins, flavonoids, and alkaloids are all defense mechanisms to dissuade animals from eating them. Confounding factors like the healthy-user bias influence research and are difficult to control. One of the primary arguments made in The Game Changers is that a vegan diet is optimal for athletic performance. Without the intake of essential amino acids that your body cannot synthesize, your muscle growth will be suboptimal. Game Changers. The Game Changers is a sleek new documentary that advocates for the plant based lifestyle by highlighting the heath and performance benefits of veganism over a traditional omnivore diet. But instead, the debate ended up being a lot more about appeals to authority and semantics, and e… He appears … This study below from White Oak Pastures demonstrated that their cattle increased the carbon carrying capacity of the soil. Those using soy based protein saw no difference in body mass . It is true that we can’t know with certainty the exact proportion of animal foods vs. plants that our Paleolithic ancestors ate. Getting diet information from Game Changers is no different than basing your life off of Winnie the Pooh. They’re able to take 0.8g of nutrient deficient protein and turn it into 1g of the most nutritious beef protein. Ostensibly this would reduce free radical damage and improve health. This is like finding the strongest guy in prison and trying to copy his diet. It’s time for Game Changers to be debunked. Cows turn grass into ribeye. That is magic if you ask me. According to the documentary, livestock are the biggest source of habitat destruction. Next, farmers spray fields with pesticides to kill off even more insects. Is iron and zinc nutrition a concern for vegetarian infants and young children in industrialized countries? Since then, it has quadrupled in size. As a result, the Game Changers suggests going straight to the source instead. I’ve conducted extensive research on the real impact of a plant-based diet over an omnivorous, ancestral diet. The Game Changers is James Cameron's latest documentary, focusing on plant-based diets. As we already discussed you can build muscle as a plant based athlete, you just need to consume more protein since the quality isn’t as good. SPORTS stars such as Chris Froome have turned vegan after watching the Netflix sensation Game Changers. At FWDfuel we are all for a clean plant-based protein … By signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. When in reality, the truth is much more sordid and wouldn’t be out of place in a Dan Brown novel. Disturbingly, the original explicit goal of veganism from the Seventh Day Adventists was to curb libido. That’s like going to school, working your butt off and getting dumber…, More science continues to emerge that human brain size didn’t explode until we, Carnivore Diet: Everything You Need to Know, The Ultimate Breathwork Guide | My 6 Favorite Exercises, Astaxanthin: 9 Benefits of This Supernutrient, titanic sum of animals killed to preserve a nutrient deficient, vegan lifestyle is gruesome, Is Liver Good For You? At the 106 minute mark of the film, Schmidt is talking to McCain after the election loss. So if you’re really concerned about “sustainability” you should be praising them. One of the most preposterous claims in The Game Changers is that Paleolithic humans ate mostly plants. What Is an Ancestral Diet and How Does It Help You? The documentary claims that vegetarian athletes get adequate protein and enough essential amino acids. I’ve also seen this to be true with many of my patients at the California Center for Functional Medicine, some of whom are high-level athletes, and others who aren’t. Many people have attributed this to hormesis. The experts and celebrities featured in the film argue that a plant-based, vegan diet is optimal for athletes and that animal foods are harmful for athletic performance and overall health. Our health needs to be the most important part of the equation. Across the board, when professional athletes have tried to cut out animal products, they quit or get hurt. Yet proponents of the vegan diet continue to rely on these debunked studies. The Game Changers and vegans believe that vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet. Unless you need a coat of fatty body armor, I suggest not doing the same. While I don’t believe there is one optimal diet for every person, I do think there are characteristics that all healthy diets share. I knew we should have fed you before.” Because he is … According to Mike Archer, a Professor at the University of NSW, 25 times more animals die to produce an equal weight of wheat protein and beef protein. But The Game Changers makes the same mistake that other films and even scientific studies that advocate plant-based studies make: ignoring the importance of food quality. “The Game Changers” is a pro-vegan documentary that follows the journey of several elite vegan athletes as they train, prepare for, and compete in major events.. Watch the film: References. The Game Changers is far from perfect; still, it does a great job at smashing some of the misconceptions and myths about plant-based protein and its efficacy in professional sports, its the relationship to "masculinity" and testosterone, and its health benefits. Because of antinutrients and digestibility factors, your body isn’t able to use all of the protein food sources contains. Why We’re Made to Eat Red Meat, Carnivore Diet Meal Plan: Master the Zero Carb Diet in Just 14 Days (+ Shopping List), Trypsin inhibitors block protein digestion, Phytoestrogens cause infertility, destroy thyroid and promote breast cancer, High levels of aluminum – Processing releases carcinogens, Have a small colon, like other meat eaters, Have an acidic stomach to digest scavenged food, Need the nutrients in animal food for brain growth, Have fat cells similar to other carnivores. Chris Kresser LLC, a Nevada LLC | 1810 E. Sahara Ave, Suite 402 Las Vegas, NV 89104 USA | 702.850.2599. which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. Additionally, sulforaphane in high doses is goitrogenic and can damage your thyroid. It’s propaganda for veganism, pure and simple. Animals are Just The Middlemen. Several common, yet inaccurate, claims about the environmental impacts of animal foods are made in The Game Changers, like: In reality, most of the land that is used to cultivate livestock is suitable only for grazing. This has been debunked by the vast majority of experts, and there are suggestions to treat ‘cholesterol-deniers’ in the same way as ‘climate change deniers’ in order to prevent dangerous public confusion. I’ve long argued that corporate funding of medical research is a problem. Conor McGregor is an extremely skilled UFC fighter. Tests in petri dishes don’t always translate to the real world. Vegan Bodybuilders. One of the inevitable results of doing this is that many observational studies end up comparing two groups of people that are not at all similar, and this casts doubt on the findings.