Chaise Stokke® Steps™ White/Natural Oak White/Natural Oak Prix soldé 249,00 € en stock. The Stokke only comes in beautiful neutral colors. This is the edge it has on the Tripp Trapp, which is a total pain to put together. As I stated above, when I was doing my research when buying a highchair for Walker (or third) we went with the Stokke Steps over the Tripp Trapp. The product offers good padding and support, is comfortable and adapts as your child grows. A stylish seating solution for your baby, toddler & child. It means that I can engage with him far more easily and I feel that it's cleaner and better to have him near me. This is a wonderful product. Pros: Genuine longevity – lasts into adulthood, sits the child at the family table, stylish design, solid construction, tucks neatly under the table, encourages good posture Cons: Expensive accessories, toddlers can push table away if not placed correctly, fiddly harness, difficult to transport or store Overall score: 3.8/5 Brief Start/First Impressions Transitional chairs for babies to toddlers and further more, usually come in the form of convertible high chairs, like the Stokke Tripp Trapp, keekaroo, HiLo and other similar options. See All Buying Options. They don't take up more space then necessary, the whole system is just the right size. The STOKKE Steps is made of durable European beech wood – a solid, natural material (the same great wood that the famous Stokke Tripp Trapp is constructed from) in combination with white plastic parts and gray details, making it a great modern and streamlined high chair option. The small boy had a field day. This is really useful in early stages when babies are not in a routine and still awake with you in the evening! You can’t go wrong. It's very durable and still looks like new. Le produit offre un bon rembourrage et un bon soutien, est confortable et s'adapte à la croissance de votre enfant. The bouncer attaches to the highchair and although it has been created with toddlers in mind, the design allows a newborn to be with you at the dining table during meal times. It is a multi component chair that evolves with your growing child’s needs. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stokke Steps Babyset - White at How are ratings calculated? The Stokke Steps is quintessential Scandinavian design. Stokke Steps Review. Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow dad? This set is beautiful. From the photo, you can clearly see that the baby set on Steps is wider and has rounded edges in comparison to Tripp Trapp. And I can lift the whole seat out of the base to wash it at the sink when it's really dirty. Stokke® Steps™ is a 5-in-1 Seating System designed to accommodate your child's needs every step of the way. How does this product make your life easier as a mum? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The legs stick out quite far, and the seat height isn't adjustable but this wasn't a problem. The bouncer takes a bit of effort to bounce. Stokke Westfield White City. The different parts fit together so easily, and the buttons click easily into place. A high quality ergonomic seating system combines a bouncer with a highchair for great flexibility. Choisissez votre bonus produit Non, merci. If you could change one thing about this product what would it be? See all 8 positive reviews › midgiec. Firstly the design which is so well thought out. We took a closer look in our first look review. 2015 Silver Best Product for a Newborn - 0-4 months. For the full kit and caboodle (chair, baby set, tray, cushion, and bouncer), you’re looking at a $675 price tag. The Stokke Steps is suitable from birth with the Stokke bouncer ($199), which attaches directly onto the chair. It isn't easily transportable as the legs stick out quite far but it is relatively light. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stokke Steps Baby Set, Black at The material used is easily cleanable, and the surface is smooth and sleek. The price! Stokke Steps Review. The two big deciding factors for me when I made that decision were: The overall look ( I liked the look of this one better) and I had been told that the Tripp Trapp can be tricky if you have a really chubby baby. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Stokke Westfield White City So so so FRUSTRATED with their Customer Service!!! Many, many boxes. This chair is absurdly easy to clean. A wooden version of the chair would be preferable to the mostly-plastic design favoured by Stokke, which would make an already innovative product even better value for money. It certainly saves numerous back aches throughout the day and I can easily in lip the seat with him in it and put it down for bouncing when he starts to get sleepy. Otherwise, a clever, well-made product. My old bouncer had a vibrate on it which was really useful in getting our baby to sleep but I know a lot of chairs don't have this. You can also more easily adjust the footrest on the Steps Chair than the Tripp Trapp. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stokke Steps Children's Highchair - Natural at When your baby gets a bit more coordinated with food, simply remove the tray and slide the chair up to the family dining table. Stokke Steps is a transformable children’s highchair that serves as a base for a baby bouncer and additional accessories. Here’s how I got on and what I thought of the new system. VAT no 918 5617 01, H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Just having the bouncy seat up high makes such a difference. Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. You have everything covered with entire unit. Stokke Steps Highchair Review. Stokke Steps High Chair Baby Set (Aqua Blue) by Stokke. All opinions are my own. Otherwise, a clever, well-made product. The only area where feood was tough to clean is the front slot for the chair back on the highchair,  that spot is a bit of a trap and tough to get completely clean. 30 foods and facts to increase your man's sperm count naturally, Mary Berry's vanilla cupcakes with swirly icing recipe, The Elvie Pump - the silent breast pump we all need, 11 of the best breast pumps tried and tested by mums, Early pregnancy symptoms: The early signs of pregnancy to know, 6 months pregnant: Signs, symptoms and baby development, WIN: A personalised Uh Oh Milo! The surface cleans beautifully and hasn't kept any marks on it. A very simple design and beautifully put together. The Stokke® Steps™ chair gives your child a comfortable ergonomic seat to last for many years of use. In fact there was enough boxes for the 5-year-old also to make up a train with a carriage behind. Stokke Steps baby set (on the left) versus Stokke Tripp Trapp baby set (on the right) To be able to use both Steps and Tripp Trapp from 6 months onwards up till 3 years old, you would need to purchase a baby set. The highchair is so clean and simple looking, it fits in with the furniture in our home without making the place look like a nursery. The white and wood of the unit looks really fresh and stylistic, but the colour of the cushions don't feel in keeping with the contemporary look. A lovely long-lasting product, and if parents have the money to spend then i would definitely recommend this product. The chair offers good support and is comfortable but the toy bar is not secure and the bouncer is a little too vertical. First things first. Chaise Stokke® Steps™ White/Hazy Grey currently unavailable. Although your tiny gourmand won’t be eating solid food with you until at least six months, it is nice to have them at eye level during mealtime. The straps are also awkward – rough with uneven stitching; there is definitely room for improvement in this regard. Stokke Steps is a product designed with the modern mum in mind. Who needs a ton of baby gear? A great alternative to the Stokke Tripp Trapp, the Stokke Steps has a clean, modern, Scandinavian look and is even suitable from birth with the Stokke bouncer. The pieces snap together easily and I can use the pieces together as well as separately. The multifunctional bouncer-cum-highchair is highly efficient and super stylish. GO BACK TO ALSO MOM'S OVERVIEW OF THE BEST HIGH CHAIRS. Growing with your child, Sokke Steps is certainly an investment, which is why it costs a bit more than one might usually pay for such a product. Stokke Steps Review Finding attractive looking baby furniture and accessories is a bit like trying to find David Gandy on Tinder. Growing with your child, Sokke Steps is certainly an investment, which is why it costs a bit more than one might usually pay for such a product. It's a bit expensive but if I find myself really using this all the time for years and it still looks good after a couple of kids then it's worth it. The interchangeable parts are very useful and well designed. Although the chair cannot collapse, the bouncer collapses flat, which is great for storing. 845898), Luxuries you’ll appreciate now you’re a mum, Implantation bleeding: What is it and how to tell if it's just a period. The Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair has been synonymous with the brand for decades now, so our expectations were high for the Stokke Steps high chair. The different parts are very easy to assemble, even thought a couple of screws that need to be tightened are a bit tough, and I love that the straps on the highchair can be removed for washing. From trying to move the step up once it took a bit of work but I guess I'm only going to be doing that a couple of times. Suitable from Birth: The Stokke Steps is suitable from birth with the Stokke bouncer ($199), which attaches directly onto the chair. Stokke Steps High Chair Review. Stokke Westfield White City So so so FRUSTRATED with their Customer Service!!! Ajouter au panier Afficher le produit Produits offerts Bonus produit. Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2018. More modern colours for the cushions would improve it. Being able to easily add the baby seat section, or use it as a toddler chair so without any effort at all is perfect and makes life so much easier. I really enjoyed using this system, but I don't think I would spend so much on it. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Add to Wish List. The different elements fit together with ease. Principal AVIS ET BOUTIQUE Stokke Steps est une chaise haute transformable pour enfants qui sert de base pour un transat et des accessoires supplémentaires. … Bekijk dit handig filmpje waar we de Stokke Steps reviewen. The product’s best feature is that a newborn can be positioned in the chair, which means that babies can join in on family dinners from birth, and the chair will last until school-going age. The solid wood base frame is exceptionally sturdy and can hold up to 187 pounds, so this is truly a piece of furniture that can grow with you child. How frequently do you breastfeed in public? I love the way this product looks in our home. I have to mention the price as this is an expensive item, and most parents don't have that kind of money to spend out on items, however it is a quality product, and one that will last for years and years, through all the stages, so you will get your moneys worth, just a big outlay initially. Also I'm not so keen on the cushions. Everything is child friendly, even the legs being smooth without screws on the side make it look and feel smart and polished. This solves that problem and is wonderful. I love how it matches my home and how easy it is to clean. The tray is big – with lots of space to play and mess, and can be removed to allow your child to sit up next to the table, flush against it – a good idea! 5.0 out of 5 stars Great fit and design. Also you then have to have a big battery box which would get in the way. The Stokke Steps Chair is unbelievably easy to assemble and get working for you right away. The curved backrest gives both support and sideways protection when your little one is seated at the table. What’s not to love about that? Being able to remove the parts easily and wash them is what you need as a mum. Baby Names Generator: Find the perfect one for you! The bouncer chair bounces to a good degree although does require a little effort. Not us. 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